Liverpool Small Cinema: Victoria Street venue to close

After 2 years and over 270 screenings the Liverpool Small Cinema, our volunteer-run community venue on Victoria Street, will be closing at the end of April. Having welcomed over 8000 people into our tiny 56 seater auditorium, the cinema will host its final events across the weekend of 28th – 30th April. The closure comes due to the Crown Building, in which we are situated, being put up for sale for redevelopment.

The cinema will finally close its doors after a final 3 day movie marathon on the early May bank holiday weekend, kicking off on Friday 28th April at 7pm with new documentary I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO and finishing late on Sunday 30th April with a closing party after the heart warming film TOGETHER. The future of the cinema project after Victoria Street is currently being discussed by the volunteers and will be announced over the coming weeks so make sure you keep following @SmallCinemaLpl for latest updates.

The Liverpool Small Cinema was set up in 2015 by artist collective Re-Dock as part of their ongoing ‘Small Cinema’ project creating spaces for community cinema and co-founded by programmers Think Cinema, Elsewhere Cinema, Liverpool Radical Film Festival, Eye Candy, Cinema Nation, Cheap Thrills and Celluloid Wicker Man, who worked with local volunteers and partners to build and run the venue as a not-for-profit independent community cinema. This was made possible thanks to generous donations of materials and equipment from people and organisations across Liverpool, including the space itself, kindly let by Creative Space Team, who have been managing the building, which also host a number of artists studios. Having attempted similar projects before across the North West, the Liverpool Small Cinema has proved to be an outstanding success, thanks largely to the creativity and dedication of the volunteers involved at each step, the amazing programming and the Liverpool audiences’ appetite for diverse cinema.

The programme itself has been one of the most consistently engaging, inclusive and progressive of perhaps any cinema in the North West. Over two years, the cinema has screened a wealth of films for almost every conceivable audience – from local artists shorts, to world cinema, video nasties, radical documentaries, and family friendly films to name a few. There have been some memorable highlights – a Halloween screening hosted by Fenella Fielding, a 24hr Groundhog Day Marathon, Light Night and the Granby Community watching their Turner Prize win. The cinema has earned many international commendations for their emphasis on foregrounding films by female, trans and non-binary filmmakers through the 58% initiative, and have also worked with a number of other organisations across the city such as Merseyside Polonia, University of Liverpool, Food for Real Film Festival and InterTitle to make the cinema a home for all. The cinema was given Distinction Awards for its Programming, Educational Events and Marketing at the Cinema For All awards in 2015 and in February 2017 volunteers were invited to speak at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival about the cinema.

Whilst the Victoria Street venue is closing, the future of cinema in Liverpool remains bright. There are now more film events happening across the city than ever before, and indeed the programmers and volunteers involved in the project will be continuing to develop film events across the city in the near future, thanks to a BFI Neighbourhood Cinema award for new equipment, whilst on May 6th and 7th, volunteers Chris, Stef, Laura and Ben will be popping up at the Handyman Supermarket, 461 Smithdown Rd with their new and exciting Empty Spaces Cinema initiative with an amazing line up of films for cult film fans, families and local audiences.

A huge thank you from the team to everyone who has made this cinematic experience possible. The cinema was completely built and run by volunteers with support from the people of Liverpool and we hope you have managed to discover new films and new friends in our teeny-tiny cinema.


Roll of Honour from the beginning of the cinema


Programming/Steering team of volunteers (alphabetically)

Adam Cooper (Elsewhere Cinema / Deep Hedonia)

Adam Scovell (Celluloid Wicker Man)

Anselm Burke & Ashley O’Rourke (InterTitle)

Anthony Killick (Liverpool Radical Film Festival)

Ben Richards

Christopher Brown (Cheap Thrills)

Graeme Phillips

Jo Mohammed (Elsewhere Cinema)

Michael Pierce (Cinema Nation / Scalarama)

Monika Rodriguez (Think Cinema / Scalarama Liverpool)

Neil Winterburn (Re-dock)

Nilufer Ahmed

Sam Meech (Re-dock / A Small Cinema)

Stef Bradley (Small Cinema Kids Club)

Stephen Phillips (Future History)

Steve Eye (Eye Candy / Liverpool Radical Film Festival)

Tim Brunsden (Re-dock)

Will Mcleod (Liverpool Radical Film Festival)

All the amazing volunteers who have created cinema over the 2 years (alphabetically)

Aedan O’Hagan, Agata Koniuszy, Aimy Stevens, Alex Hewitt, Alice Churm, Alicia Cordell, Alisdair Reid, Anastasia Barsukova, Andrew Berry, Andrew Fagan, Andrew Maher, Andy McNeil, Anna Cardus, Anna Wright, Anthony Baines, Antoaneta Angelova, Arjun Sanganee, Ashley O Rourke, Beatriz Torralbo, Ben Howarth, Bethany Slinn, Brendan Taylor, Caitlin Mongan, Callum Macauley, Cameron Dunleavy, Caroline Stanley, Cat Tully, Catherine McNamara, Chris Kirke, Chris Rodenhurst, Christian Nielsen, Christopher Deane, Christopher Kane, Colin Gaskarth, Daniel Brennan, Darren Guy, Denise Kennedy, Desmond Hogan, Dongni Liang (Lacey), Elliot Hardman, Faye Mitchell, Francisco Vicente Zapata, Georgia Turnbull, Georgina Collins, Gillian McMillan, Gosia McKane, Grace Harrison, Grace Huang, Hana Eggleston, Hayley Trowbridge, Helen Steele, Holly Lewis, Holly Rowley, Honey Crespo, Honorata Mikolajew, Ilona Walker, Jackie Rowson, Jade Morrison, Jake Thompson, Jake Thorne, Jennifer Cliff-Wilcock, Jessica Fairclough, Jessica Jones, Joan Eliza Weston, Joanna Mozdyniewicz, Jodie Schofield, John O’Meara, Jonathon Beaver, Kamil Balcerzak, Karlie Carroll, Kate Corbin, Kieran Donnachie, Laura Brown, Leona Armstrong, Lewis Smith, Liam Jones, Louise Milton, Lynn Roberts, Matt Hurst, Matthew Hartshorn, Mon Barrachina, Muhammad Abiodullah, Natalie Woods, Nish Mohamedally, Ola Kania, Olivia Walsh, Patrick Bratin, Patrick D’Arcy, Paul Baines, Phil Cashmore, Priya Sharma, Richard Bridge, Robert Canning, Rose Dymock, Ryan Garry, Sallie Lambert, Samera Thalen, Stacy Murtagh, Tom Lahorgue, Tomoko Freeman, Toni Garden, Tracy Ryan, Victoria Bates, Wayne Blackledge.

And of course… You, The Audience. Thank you for your support.

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